Hi there! I’m Alesha, Marriage and Family Therapist.

I grew up in the desert of Las Vegas, and have such a love for this valley. I got my undergraduate degree in Idaho and my masters degree was completed back in Vegas. I have always been interested in helping others through different life experiences and this job has brought me such joy. I can talk for hours about trauma (seeing as its something I specialize in), and I love helping my clients feel as if they can find peace from negative beliefs and trauma. 

I have a therapy dog, Woods, aka my soul dog. I love him and think he is as in tune to emotions as I can be at times. He is 40 pounds of fluffy cuteness, and melts everyone’s hearts. He is currently being trained to respond to anxiety and PTSD symptoms in others. 

 I can accurately say that I have a few hobbies, but more have been started and unfinished that I like to admit (hehem… adhd) 🙂 I love floral design, watching shows with friends and family, reading, paddle boarding and digital art. 


My favorite Things

01. Sunsets

02. K-Dramas

03. Sushi

04. Reading on rainy days

Words to live by

When things change inside you,

things change around you. 

What I do

I have always been the type of person that has loved listening to people, so it was no surprise to anyone that I ended up in this profession. I love helping people help themselves and find joy in seeing people heal from their trauma. I am a huge advocate of self love and really focus my practice on healing through empowerment and self worth. 

I have a therapeutic outlook based in trauma and love to help my clients by using visualizations that help us connect to ourselves in a way that promotes self worth and confidence. I also try to bring in metaphors, art and music therapy when wanted to help connect us to deeper rooted emotions that may be hard to put into words at times. 

Ready to know more?

Let’s Connect!

Not everyone may be the best fit for all therapists, and reaching out for help can be the hardest step in the process of healing. Please reach out to book a short consultation call where I can answer any questions you may have about my therapeutic process, and to see if we can be the right fit for one another. 

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