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Having the opportunity to start this process together would be amazing, but before we get started here is a short idea of the types of therapy I specialize in. A lot of you may not know what you are looking for exactly, so I hope that this can give you some answers on what may fit with what you would like in the theraputic journey, 

What I can Do for You:


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a form of therapy that uses eye movements, and other forms of bilateral stimulation to help acess and activate the brain's ability to resolve past and present concerns.  

Perinatal EMDR

This is specialized EMDR with the focus of all things perinatal related: Infertility, miscarriage, still births, birth trauma/PTSD, postpartum depression, ect. This specific treatment also focuses on creating healthy attachments between parent and baby after trauma occurs. 


This therapy, Internal Family Systems, is used for when we want to work with different representations of us, or "parts" of us that make us who we are. It is a visual way of connecting to our "true selves" and there is an understanding that there are no "bad parts" of us. Which can naturally bring a lot of self love and empowerment into session. 

Types of Therapy



EMDR is primarily used for inner negative beliefs that have built up in our neural network due to traumatic experiences past or present. Negative beliefs become very isolated from positive adaptive experiences which lead to distorted perceptions, beliefs/feelings, and behaviors. 


• Identifies Negative Beliefs 
• Positive networks and beliefs reprocess in our brain and body 
• Uses bilateral stimulation (eye movement, tapping, walking, coloring etc)
• Allows us to let go of our past and negative beliefs about ourself and build worth.  


Perinatal EMDR

Perinatal EMDR while very similar to normal EMDR has a large emphasis on perinatal experiences. With a focus of attachment this therapy can be very integral in the lives of those that have fears and trauma with parenthood, birth, infertility, miscarriage ect. Using EMDR to help strengthen the connection with our body and mind can be very beneficial in lowering psychological distress, hormone levels, and emotional dysregulation. 

• Similar to EMDR 
• Focus on attachment between parent and baby
• Imagining of future templates that include prenatal education that can help bonding with their babies.  
• Positive beliefs and worth start outweighing fears, and negative beliefs that stem from trauma and uncertainty.   



Internal Family Systems is a tool used in therapy to help clients see themselves as more than the state of their mental health. It is the belief that every human being is a part of a system of protective and wounded inner parts. And that these parts seem to be in charge of our lives most of the time. These parts of us get “protective” roles when we experience trauma, or negative beliefs about ourselves. 

There also is an understanding that beneath all of the protective parts of us, we actually have what is called “true self”. True self is in everyone and cannot be damaged, but gets overlooked due to the roles our other parts fufill. 

This therapy is all about connecting to ourselves again, and letting our other parts find healing by “true self” becoming in control of our lives. Focusing on centering our daily life around confidence, calmness, compassion, clarity, courage, creativity, curiosity and connectedness helps us find healing and self-worth in this process. 

• Visualizing different “parts” of us, protective and positive. 
• Getting to know said parts, as our “true selves” and showing  that we are capable of taking care of ourselves in positive ways. 
• Becoming familiar with self compassion and validation towards our parts. 
• Eventually having our “true self” at the forefront of our lives will help our other parts heal from their protective roles and for us to find a peaceful balance within ourselves. 

"Trauma isn't the result of weakness. Trauma is the result of something (or many things) that has been so overwhelming for our bodies that our brains literally CHANGE to adapt to what has happened. It's not something we make up. It's not something we can just "fix our mindset" about. You can't just logically *decide* you're going to feel safe when your body has been bracing against impending danger for years. You have to actually cultivate a real sense of safety within your body to reverse the impact of trauma."

- Emmy Marie

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- Linda Marie


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